Art & Technology

The Art & Technology encourages the integration of technology into works of art, bringing innovative beauty to HONOR's consumers all around the world. The track encourages, but is not limited to, submissions in the form of AR interactive works, interactive art installations and other art forms.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a technology that ingeniously integrates virtual information with the real world. The advancement of technology has created more possibilities for artistic expression. AR interactive works will bring a different visual experience to the real world. Contestants are expected to be creative and add a touch of AR artworks to reality:
1. Design AR interactive artworks that can be experienced in the retail scene of HONOR's consumer products, such as AR artworks that can be applied to the desktop, wall, floor, space, etc. of the retail experience store. Watching AR works through HONOR consumer products makes the product experience much more interesting.
2. Design AR interactive artworks that repair and beautify buildings, and patch up the marks that time has left on them. What kind of innovation will the building of your imagination look like? Make up for the damage caused by unstoppable forces, and use art to reconcile regrets of the past.
3. Design AR interactive artworks that beautify the public environment, and create a beautiful public space, such as designing AR interactive artworks for walls, gardens, paths, etc., so that everyone can experience positive, good-willed and interesting works through HONOR's consumer products, making life more optimistic and interesting.

Art interactive installations should be designed to be deeply integrated with HONOR end-user products (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, watches, smart screens, etc.), which can be used as controllers, receivers, processors, displays, etc. Your work can also be based on HONOR's MagicOS to bring innovative human-centric experiential art design that flows seamlessly across systems, devices and apps, connecting products of different screen sizes to present whimsical ideas that utilize the capabilities of MagicOS.

Contestants participating in the Art & Technology Track are required to design and upload the following:

1. Animation Design

Showcase the robustness and interactiveness of art forms such as AR interactive works and interactive art installations.
Specifications: Screen recording or rendered video, Format: MP4, Size ≤ 500M.

2. Overall Visual Design

Overall Visual Design
Overall Visual Design

Select the most visually impactful images as the overall visual. The overall visual design elements will likely be applied to HONOR's products and merchandise.
Specifications: Dimension 6,000 x 3,000px, Format: jpg, Size ≤ 20M.

3. Design Elaboration

Use words and images to explain your design concept or creative story, so that consumers can better understand the idea behind your creation.
Specifications: Dimension: A4, Format: PDF, Size ≤ 20M.

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