Agreement on Participation in HONOR Talents
HONOR Global Design Awards

“HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” (hereinafter referred to as the “competition”) is a design competition organized by Honor Device Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “organizer” or “HONOR”) for designers worldwide. The terms and conditions hereunder are formulated and implemented based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness to select global high-quality design works.

Before participation in the competition, you must confirm that you have carefully read and fully understood the Statement on HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards and Privacy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Statement”) and the Agreement on Participation in HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”), and agree to comply with the relevant rules.

Article 1 Eligibility

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age or reach the legal age in your local area to enter this competition.

2. You are required to ensure that your work has not been publicly published anywhere. Award-winning entries in other competitions are not accepted in this competition.

Article 2 Participation Rules

1. You are not allowed to submit any works of the following nature, or engage in any activities of the following nature in this competition: falsehood, slander, infringement of rights, harm, pornography, offence, insult, harassment, scandal, hatred, incitement, threats, blasphemy, obscenity, violation of privacy or otherwise revolting content and behavior, including but not limited to content or behavior that facilitates illegal activities, that describes or incites violence in an obvious way, that is discriminatory, and illegal, and that causes or may cause personal property loss or injury, and that may result in civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.

2. You are required to ensure that the work you submit meets the requirements of the participation rules and related regulations. Otherwise, your work may not be allowed for participation through review.

3. In order to ensure the final application effect of your entries for selection and reference, the organizer may contact you to obtain your design source files after you submit your manuscript. Unless you finally get the corresponding award and the copyright of your work is transferred to the organizer in accordance with this agreement, your design source files are only used for this selection and will not be used for any commercial purposes.

Article 3 Intellectual Property and Other Rights and Interests

1. Participants should have independent, complete, express and uncontested copyrights on their works. Entries submitted by the participants must not be authorized to any organization or individual for commercial use (whether paid or unpaid), and must be the original work by participants without plagiarizing or misappropriating others’ works. Participants should also ensure that their entries submitted will not infringe any rights of a third party, including intellectual property rights, right of portrait, right of reputation, and privacy right. All legal liability for any related disputes caused by violation of the above warranties shall be borne by the participants and have no connection with the event organizer and the organization parties. The organizer has the right to disqualify participants and require the participants to return all bonuses and income received from the organizer and its affiliated companies based on their entry, and at the same time compensate all losses caused to the organizer and its affiliated companies.

2. The organizer has the right to lawfully use all entries submitted in this competition. Participant who enters the competition shall be deemed to agree and authorize the organizer and its affiliated companies to use submitted works for activities, products and brand promotion on a global scale permanently and free of charge since the date of submission, including but not limited to using the works for global network media, print media, printed matter, movie festivals, retail stores, roadshows, outdoor media and other publicity activities. The entries can be used accordingly without the need to notify the participants or obtain the consent of the participants.

3. The copyright on the entries that win any of the global grand champion, the first, second and third prizes in each category, the best new design award, the best animation award, and the best design award belongs to the organizer. Regarding award-winning entries, the organizer and its affiliated companies have the right to:

1) develop or authorize any third party to develop derivative works or products, such as secondary development of works into dials, themes, wallpapers, as well as reasonable and necessary editing of entries for peripheral products, such as mobile phone cases, back protective films of mobile phones, laptop bags, canvas bags, watch straps, gifts, and other HONOR or personally selected products;

2) use or authorize any third party to use the works or derivative works, including but not limited to developing, copying, distributing, selling or using these in any product or service in any way for commercial purpose globally. At the same time, the aforesaid works can be used for promotion on any marketing/distribution scenarios (covering all media outlets, including but not limited to the Internet, mobile Internet, official websites of companies, apps, Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, posters, EDM and other dynamic and print media, printed matter, film festivals, stores, roadshows, outdoor media, etc.).

4. You agree that in addition to the global publicity of the shortlisted or award-winning works in this competition, the name, picture or video of entries as well as the author’s nickname may also be displayed on our cooperative channels, such as HONOR channels, “theme”, “HONOR Club”, HONOR overseas communities, and other related partners.

Article 4 Responsibilities and Obligations

1. Any participant who submits the work during the competition period shall be deemed to agree and abide by the relevant regulations of the competition. Any disputes resulting from a participant’s violation of this agreement shall be resolved by the participant, who shall also compensate for the losses caused to the organizer and its affiliated companies.

2. During the competition period, participants are not allowed to transfer or authorize their entries to any third party, or use their entries to participate in other events that are the same as or similar to this event. Otherwise, the organizer has the right to disqualify their right for participation and awards.

3. Award-winning participants who fail or refuse to perform the obligation to transfer or authorize the organizer and the cooperative partners to use the works will be deemed to voluntarily waive the corresponding awards and bonuses. If a participant cancels the copyright transfer or authorization during the competition period, you know and agree that it is hard to remove the promotional materials containing the entry and the profile of the participant from the channels after the use online and offline, and the organizer can keep using the entry and profile.

4. For any entry, please keep the source files (such as in PSD or AI format) of unfinished drafts and finished drafts. Source files are required to be submitted for all award-winning works. Otherwise, no award will be given.

5. Participants of award-winning works are obliged to assist and cooperate with the organizer in using award-winning works for commercial purposes such as development, production, and sales, including but not limited to providing written authorization, copyright registration certificate or other ownership certification materials for award-winning works.

6. You agree and confirm that the personal details you furnish are true and valid, including your name, contact phone number, email address and mailing address, so that the organizer can contact you and send prizes. The organizer only collects and processes your personal details according to the Privacy Statement of this competition for the aforesaid purposes and within the scope permitted by the applicable laws. Please ensure that the personal details provided are complete and accurate. After the awards are announced, the organizer will contact the winners to verify registration information. If the prizes cannot be issued due to incomplete or incorrect information of the winners, the winners will be deemed to waive their right to win the prize, and the organizer will not re-issue the prizes.

Article 5 Prize Money

1. All bonuses announced by the organizer are pre-tax bonuses. The specific amount of bonus is subject to the amount announced on the website of “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards”.

2. Prize money for winners in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan will be paid in renminbi. Prize money for winners from other countries or regions will be paid in U.S. dollars. The exchange rate of U.S. dollars will be subject to the real-time exchange rate on the day of payment. The organizer withholds and remits personal income tax for the prize money for participants from the mainland China. Participants from other countries or regions pay person income tax for the prize money themselves in accordance with the laws and regulations of the local country or region. The certificate (electronic version) will be emailed to winners.

Article 6 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved through amicable negotiation. If no settlement is achieved through negotiation within 30 days, both parties have the right to file a lawsuit at the people’s court of Futian District, Shenzhen, where this agreement is signed.

2. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China, without consideration to the conflict of laws.

Article 7 Miscellaneous

1. This competition does not charge any fees or return any entries. Only electronic submissions are accepted. If the work is not submitted or approved due to the reason on the part of the participant, all losses and consequences shall be borne by the participant.

2. Generally, the organizer will pay the prize money within 120 working days after the end of the competition. The party paying the prize money will be determined by the organizer. Participants are required to provide valid information such as bank account within the time limit specified by the organizer. Participants with registered residence in Mainland China/Hong Kong, China/Macao, China/Taiwan, China shall provide relevant information of a debit card. Any participant who fails to provide a valid bank account as required within the specified time limit will be deemed to waive the bonus, but this does not affect the right of the organizer and its affiliated companies to use their entries in accordance with this agreement.

3. If the organizer needs to suspend or cancel this competition due to unforeseen reasons in technical, safety, business or other areas, we will do what we can to notify you before the suspension or cancellation, including but not limited to announcements or emails.

4. If the organizer makes adjustments to this agreement (including material changes, etc.) and such adjustments will have a material impact on your rights and obligations, the organizer will notify you in an appropriate way. We recommend that you review this agreement regularly to keep abreast of such adjustments made by HONOR. If you still participate in the “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” after the relevant adjustments are released, you will be deemed to agree and accept the relevant adjustments and updates made by the organizer, and are willing to be bound by these.

5. If you have any doubts about this competition, please consult the organizer.