Statement on HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards and Privacy

Released on: 16th June, 2021

The HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards website is operated by Honor Device Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HONOR” or “we”). You can upload pictures or videos on this website to participate in the competition. HONOR attaches great significance to your personal details and privacy protection. We provide corresponding security protection for your personal details in accordance with law and mature security standards in the industry.

1. How we collect and use your personal details

Register and log in to the platform

To participate in the “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards”, you need HONOR account or a third-party account (hereinafter referred to as “account”) to log in. In view of this, we will collect information on your account’s ID, temporary authentication credentials, user avatar, and user nickname, and create a unique “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” user ID for you in this competition.

Complete and modify personal details

When you register for the competition, you are required to give your contact information so that we can check with you whether the work is original. If your work wins an award, we will contact you to obtain or confirm your name, mailing address, mobile phone number, email, bank account, etc. so that we can send you prizes or prize money. If personal income tax needs to be withheld and remitted, a scanned copy of your ID card or passport will be required. To improve our website and improve the overall operation of the competition, we may need to collect information on your gender and age group. Your personal details will not be shared with third parties, nor used for other unrelated purposes. You can update your personal details at any time before the “closing date for submission” of the competition. Gender and age information is optional. Lack of this information will not affect your use of other functions of this service.

In order to ensure your participation rights, you must ensure the accuracy of the contact details. Otherwise, we may not be able to verify your work and/or identity and accordingly are unable to complete the evaluation and award of work or issuance of prize.

Participate and upload works

You can register before the “submission deadline”. We will record your registration. When you upload your entries, your entries (pictures or videos) and related information will be collected, including the name and description of the work. Please note that you will not be allowed to upload, modify or delete your work when the competition enters the “preliminary evaluation stage”.

Moreover, with your authorization, we will publicly display your eligible entries reviewed and your account avatar and nickname on this website. You can give authorization when uploading the entry, or you can modify your authorization in “My Gallery”.

View and manage My Gallery

As a participant, you can log in “My Gallery” to view the information and status of the works uploaded. You can modify or withdraw information on your work before it is shortlisted or awarded. For the sake of fairness, you will not be allowed to modify or withdraw your works uploaded after the “submission deadline” (namely entering the “evaluation stage”).

Browse entries

After successful review, the entries uploaded by participants and its information will be publicly displayed based on your authorization or the competition agreement. Users all over the world can browse your entries (such as pictures and videos) as well as information on entries (such as name and description) through the “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” website, and can see the user nickname, account avatar, and your country/region you have authorized.

Selection of entries, notification of awards and delivery of prizes

We will review and select the entries submitted by participants in mainland China. After your entry passes the review, your entry will be displayed on the “HONOR TALENTS HONOR Global Design Awards” website according to your authorization. After the “submission deadline (namely entering the evaluation stage)”, we will evaluate and select all entries. We may contact you during the selection process. For example, when shortlisting works, we may need to contact you to check whether the entries are original works.

If your entry is shortlisted or awarded, we may publish your award-winning entry on the “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” website, and display the entry online or offline on cooperative channels with your authorization. The information publicized may include entries (such as pictures and videos), information on entries (such as title and description), and your name, country/region, and name of award.

When your entry wins an award, we may need to contact you through the contact details you provided in order to obtain or confirm your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, bank account number, scanned copy of ID card or passport, so that we can send award certificate and withhold and remit personal income tax on your behalf.

Service experience improvement and quality assurance

To improve the operation of this platform, the organizing committee will collect information on users’ gender, age, location, etc., with the user’s permission and analyze the differences in experience due to gender, age, and region and seek solutions. The data collected will not be shared with third parties, nor used for purposes unrelated to the statistical analysis for platform operations.

Moreover, we will collect information on your browser type and user records. These data will not be linked to your account or device identifiers, nor shared with any third parties. We may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information on how you use the “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” and the functions provided. Please refer to “About Cookies” for details.

2. Protection of minors

This app is for the use of adults only. If you are a minor, your guardian is required to agree to your use of this app and the terms of service of the relevant applications. Parents and guardians should also take appropriate preventive measures to protect minors, including overseeing their use of this app.

3. Sharing with third parties

To ensure good user experience, we will add third-party content or web links on the website of “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards”. We only redirect the website when you visit the content or web link, and will not share any data with third parties. Before submitting personal details to such third parties, please read and refer to the privacy protection policies of the third parties.

In addition to the global publicity of your shortlisted works or award-winning works on the website of the competition, your nickname, avatar, profile, entries, name of entries and description may also be displayed on our cooperative channels, such as official HONOR channels, theme apps, HONOR club, HONOR overseas communities and other related partners.

4. Data management

To help you access, correct or delete your personal details, and ensure your right to withdraw your consent to the use of personal details, we provide corresponding operation settings. You can refer to the following guidelines:

You can visit “My Information” at any time to update and delete the personal details you provided on the platform, including gender, age group and contact details. You can also visit “My Gallery” to modify or withdraw your works. At the same time, please understand and agree that if your work has entered the competition and the evaluation is ongoing, you are not allowed to modify or withdraw your uploaded work in order to ensure the fairness of the competition. You can also manage the authorization for public display of your works not shortlisted. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you have requirements for rights over your data subject or have any doubts, opinions or suggestions, you can contact us through the contact details provided in the “How to Contact Us” section of this statement and exercise relevant rights.

5. Data storage location and term

Honor Device Co., Ltd. will be the controller of your data, and your data will be stored in the territory of Malaysia.

Unless otherwise required by law and regulations, we will only keep your personal details for the duration necessary to achieve the purpose, and delete or anonymize your personal details after the end of the retention time described below. You can close your account through the HONOR Account Center or Google Account, and send us a request to delete your personal details kept on the “HONOR Talents HONOR Global Design Awards” platform via the “Delete Personal Details” of the My Gallery. Personal details deleted during the competition period will affect the selection of your subsequent entries.

At the same time, HONOR will keep your personal details related to the entries for the duration (namely one (1) year) required to achieve the purpose stated herein, including sex, age, location, after you cancel your account, the system will automatically delete your personal account information, including account ID, temporary authentication credentials, profile image, and user nickname, unless the retention period is extended in accordance with legal requirements or permission.

To ensure the quality of handling of customer service problems, the data processed by the customer service, including name, contact address, mobile phone number, email address, bank account information, ID card information or passport information, will be stored for three (3) years. These data will survive your cancellation of your account.

Moreover, if our products or services are discontinued, we will notify you by making an announcement on the website, and delete or anonymize your personal details within a reasonable period of time.

For other demands or questions, please contact us by referring to the “How to Contact Us” section.

6. How to contact us

We have set up a dedicated department (or personal detail protection specialist) for protection of personal details. If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions on matters related to personal details, you can email us at We will reply as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied with our reply, especially when our processing of personal details has harmed your legitimate rights and interests, you can also lodge a lawsuit at a competent people’s court, or lodge a complaint with industry self-regulatory associations or relevant government authorities for resolution. You can also inquire us about information on complaint channels that may be applicable.

HONOR will always comply with privacy policy when collecting and using your details. For privacy policy, please refer to Privacy and Personal Details Protection Policy.