Honor Inspired

“This series of work is inspired by Honor’s adventurous and brave spirit. The large mural titled ‘Rocket Girl’ expresses the feeling of being able to achieve anything. The vibrant bat celebrates the vitality of new technology and the vibrancy it brings into our lives.”


2D Category

“The love for color is another area where Honor and I connected. I believe there are no rules when it comes to color, and vibrant design energizes me. Honor has been taking the lead in introducing the element of color to smartphone design.”


3D Category

“Honor and I connected because of our mutual belief in unconventional art creation. I combine technology and art in my 3D and AR artwork and Honor combines innovation with design to create stunning smartphones. A series of these works have also been created in collaboration with fellow 3D artist Ingrid TSY.”


Moving Category

“My art is daring and different. I like to put together different elements to surprise the audience and disrupt the status-quo and what people might expect to see. Combining movement with my artwork allows for it to be experienced in a new and unexpected way.”


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