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March 2, 2020

HONOR 9X: Amazing level of detail

We can miss a lot when we're always rushing around. There are plenty of details in this world which can only be found when you're really looking for them. Things like the shape of a raindrop, the color of a flower, a baby's smile, or bugs.

And if you don't think bugs should be on that list, then you obviously need to get yourself an HONOR 9X, because then you can see them in glorious high-definition, and discover that they're actually very interesting:

HONOR 9X: Amazing level of detail

The picture above by Nalinda Mahato is all about this fly, and we think it's very cool. There's no way we'd have noticed the unique pattern of its eyes, or the tiny droplets of rain on its wings and legs, with our eyes alone. This amazing level of detail allows us to appreciate flies in a whole new way.

Next time you see one, don't reach for a swatter, pick up an HONOR 9X instead!

So we've seen that some things only become clear when you look at them extra carefully. For other things though, like the picture below, it isn't clear what they are, no matter how hard you look.

But that's okay, because we think Nalinda Mahato's second picture is just as stunning as the first. A bright light emits from the center of the frame, illuminating the surface above it which is mirrored in the lower half of the image. This creates an abstract shape, surrounded by perfect darkness.

HONOR 9X: Amazing level of detail